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Evidence based decision making that enables communities to enjoy the benefits of living with well managed arboricultural assets

Our Services

Tasmanian Arboriculture Consultants are a team of highly qualified and dedicated Consulting Arborists who can provide both Project Arborist and Arboriculture Asset Management services.

Our Project Arborist services use trusted methodologies and scientific process to deliver a clear, easy to understand process for development around existing trees.

Arboriculture Asset Management solutions for site managers reduce risk and help maintain a healthy, safe and vibrant property.

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November 1, 2022

Arboricultural consultants can value your tree

Are you curious what your tree is worth? Surely its value is only in the eye of the beholder, right? Well, not actually. We are passionate arboricultural consultants, and we…

Project Arborist (for development sites)

Arboricultural Asset Management (existing assets)

tree selectionNews
August 15, 2023

Tree Selection: What tree should I plant?

Tree selection It can be challenging to select the most suitable tree for your site conditions. Sometimes the tree you desire is not suitable and will perform poorly. There can…
August 8, 2023

Significant trees in Tasmania

How are trees classified as ‘significant’? Trees in Tasmania may be considered significant for a variety of reasons. They may be particularly old and provide links to the past, have…