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About Us

What does a consulting arborist do?

Our role is to provide solutions that find the right balance of appropriate development and the retention of suitable trees. We are passionate supporters of urban forests and the positive impacts they have on individual property owners as well as the wider community.

The benefits of living with well maintained trees in our communities include: well-documented health and wellbeing improvements, increases in property value, reduction in energy consumption and environmental services.

Who would use our services?

Project Arborist

We work with select developers, building designers, architects and individual land owners to achieve their development goals. If there are trees on the block which need to be considered, we can help. We recommend clients get in touch with us early in the process to avoid conflict between developers and council.

Arboriculture Asset Management

School business managers, golf course or park managers and councils all require management of their arboriculture assets. We specialise in tree management, and can provide a comprehensive plan that ensures you are able to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your patrons or the public. If you have one tree or four hundred trees, we can help .