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Project Arborist

If you want to design and build with the intention of co-existing with some of the assets on site; consider how the trees will work in with the vision and engage an arboriculture consultant from the very start. We follow best practice as outlined in Protection of Trees on Development Sites AS 4970-2009.

Learn more about Arboricultural reporting for development sites. Click here to see a see a visual representation of the process.

Pre -Purchase inspection
Get an arborist onsite to provide a general overview of the assets and limitations of the property before committing.

Preliminary Assessments
Once your site survey has been completed, get an assessment of the retention value of your trees. This is based on accepted methodologies using significance and sustainability ratings. The aim of the report is to identify healthy, vigorous and structurally sound trees that will provide amenity value while identifying trees that need to make way for your build. This report will provide tree protection zones for architects to consider in their designs.

Impact Assessment and Tree Protection Plan
Once the plans have been drawn up (site plan, engineering, sewerage and water, building plans etc) the arborist will assess the impact on the trees remaining. Work with us to get your plans completed and construction underway with minimal impact to the trees ensuring they remain viable into the future.

Tree Protection Plans
Council may require a plan on how the trees will be protected from construction impacts. A Tree Protection Plan sets out what activities cannot occur and often requires a fence to erected along the perimeter of the Tree Protection Zone. This report is often required before works commence.

Arborist Oversight and Compliance
An arborist is often required to oversee works that may occur within theTree Protection Zone or confirm compliance with the Tree Protection Plan. This is a good opportunity to document best practice and compliance with the Australian Standards. At completion of construction when Tree protection measures are removed, the Arborist will provide a document stating compliance with the Tree Protection Plan or if any remedial action needs to be taken.